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Now online convenience for your Motor Insurance

  •   For the first time in Sri Lanka purchase your car insurance online
  •   You can make the purchase using your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop
  •   All you need are your contact details and vehicle details on hand
  •   Only cars and dual purpose vehicles which are for private use could be purchased online
  •   Flexible payment methods including Credit/Debit cards and Cash on Delivery

Accident? With Click2Claim no more waiting for insurance representatives to arrive

  •   Open the Click2Claim app on your smart phone
  •   Call the Care Centre
  •   Click 5 photos, upload them and be on your way

Money transferred to your account instantly!

  •   After reviewing the pictures sent through the Click2Claim app, we will make an offer immediately
  •   If you accept the claim offer, we will deposit the money to your account instantly

Additional garage charges are paid off too

  •   After accepting the claim offer through Click2Claim, any additional charges by your garage,
    following their inspection, will be paid off by us too
  •   Just submit an estimate for the additional

Free Covers

  •   100% Air Bag Cover
  •   Rs.10,000/= worth of free towing
  •   Rs.50,000/= worth of Hospitalisation Cover
  •   Rs.1,000,000/= Personal Accident Cover
  •   Taxi allowance of Rs.2000/= per day
  •   Natural Disaster Cover  
  •   Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion
  •   Unlimited 3rd party bodily injury
  •   Rs.5,000,000/= 3rd party property damage

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